IM in Garfield

Written by admin on April 13th, 2009

What is IM? IM stands for Interactive Mapping. Interactive Mapping uses data to identify all sorts of information from historical points and locations, to geographical points and locations, political information, tax information, crime information and much more.

IM Histories is just one component of Interactive Mapping. Using technology, to connect people and their communities through mapping, public participation and civic involvement, IM Histories provides a community a way to record its historical information by connecting school students with senior citizens.

This activity will give students the opportunity to get a feel of history through the eyes of elders. Students will spend quality time with senior citizens to engage in discussions about historical sites, natural features, restaurants, etc. within their community.

Due to the overwhelming success of other community mapping in Garfield, volunteers from the Keystone Club of the Garfield City Boys & Girls Club will begin to collect and map the city’s oral history. With the help of the city’s seniors and other members of the community, Garfield will have a fantastic resource for history and city pride.

The Keystone Club has completed mapping the food and graffiti/street art of Garfield, and continues to update and use these maps. The community has found these maps to be a truly valuable resource in many ways.