Written by admin on August 20th, 2009
Welcome to IM Histories, pioneer in the field of innovative interactive mapping.

IM Histories provides communities with a method for recording and displaying their historical information in a rich, versatile format. This technology connects people and their communities through public participation, civic involvement, and its inherent nature of being “place-based.” It encourages local pride and perpetuates education and research through open-source GIS technology. Unlike traditional historic preservation projects, IM Histories targets the younger technologically inclined residents, inspiring the next generation of preservationists.

IM Histories utilizes Google Maps API and makes interactive mapping accessible and user-friendly. It is web-based and requires no downloads to develop, manage, or view. It can be accessed from any computer or smart phone, making it a mobile resource and multiplying its utility. This is an exceptionally valuable tool for local, state, and national initiatives in historic preservation and heritage tourism. IM Histories carries your community’s history into the future.

IM Histories: Garfield