Helpful Tools

The IM Histories program is set up to supply you with all the tools necessary to detail the history of your community. When we begin your project, you will receive a fully customized website to document your progress and alert residents of upcoming information. By the end of the project you will also have a personalized interactive map.

Where to Start

If you haven’t done any oral history interviewing before, think first about a focus or theme for your project. The community is your oyster! You might want to pick a topic to ask people about, for example memories of childhood. Whether you decide to work alone or as part of a group, having a theme will help you to decide what to interview your subject about.

Tips for Interviewing

Check out these pages the help you prepare and construct your interview:
Interview recommendations from the Oral History Society

When Interviewing
Interview Questions
After the Interview


There are many grant opportunities available to communities and organizations. It may be beneficial to see if there are any programs or grants that apply to your project. For example,  Sustainable Jersey is a certification and incentive program from municipalities in New Jersey that want to go green, save money, and take steps to sustain their quality of life over a long time. Taking part in an Interactive Oral History Map can earn towns in New Jersey towards becoming a certified Sustainable Community. For more information on this particular opportunity, check out

For help finding funding, contact Oral Histories.