Existing Projects

Click the links below to find out more about the projects that we have worked on throughout both the state and the world. These projects engage people within the community, and enhance their sense of place. Video testimonials show residents’ immersion in these great projects.

Preserving Historic Closter
Our most recent IM Histories project was created in conjunction with Banisch Associates, Inc. in an effort to create a visual guide to Closter, NJ’s Historic District and to help convey the importance of preserving the area’s 300 year history.

Garfield Oral History
Students in Garfield, NJ interview local residents about their memories of growing up in this small New Jersey town. Residents were asked to bring in pictures and other artifacts with them to help illustrate their stories. The students took pictures and video of their experiences and created a map according to the stories told by their elders.

This project interviews seniors on a one-on-one basis and allows us to learn about the individual lives of each person. 100 seniors from Monroe Township in New Jersey were asked to tell us about theyre lives and what made them who they are. Points added for each resident included those for places like the house they were born in, jobs they’ve held, schools they’ve attended, and places they have lived.

Girl in the Green Sweater
An interactive map that follows the story Girl in the Green Sweater, a memoir by Krystyna Chiger based on her struggle to survive in the Ukraine during the Holocaust.

Marsh Memoirs
Captures seniors in the New Jersey Meadowlands Region sharing their personal experiences about growing up in the area.

Princeton Historical Mapping
A part of a series under the IMHistories Project, this website is a presentation of the interaction between a student and the seniors of Princeton. This interactive mapping site will hopefully preserve the memories and accounts of Princeton residents in an interesting way to spark the interest of teenage students and engage students into learning the history of their community!